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        HOT:  STM32F103  |  STM32F030  |  TL431  |  LM317  |  NCP1117

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        Manufacturer Name:Infineon Technologies
        Main Products:Power Device, Interface, Power Supply, Sensor
        Official Website:http://www.infineon.com/cms/en/
        Infineon Product Search

        Infineon Technologies AG offers semiconductor and system solutions addressing three central challenges to modern society: energy efficiency, mobility, and security. In the 2014 fiscal year (ending September 30), the company reported revenues of 4.32 billion euros with approximately 29,800 employees worldwide.In January 2015, Infineon acquired US-based International Rectifier Corporation, a leading provider of power management technology, with revenues of USD 1.1 billion (fiscal year 2014 ending June 29) and approximately 4,200 employees.

        Image Part # Description Date
        IPD068N10N3G 100V,6.8mΩ,90A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2019-06-14
        TLD5097EL LED Boost Controller 2019-06-14
        BTS50085-1TMA 9mΩ,1-CH Smart High side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS716GB 140mΩ,4-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS716G 140mΩ,4-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS712N1 200mΩ,4-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS711L1 200mΩ,4-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS5215L 90mΩ,2-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS5210G 140mΩ,2-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS50055-1TMC 6mΩ,1-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS50055-1TMA 6mΩ,1-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS441RG 20mΩ,1-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS428L2 60mΩ,1-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS4142N 200mΩ,1-Ch Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS409L1E3062A Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS3028SDR 28mΩ,1-Ch Low-Side MOSFET Power Switch 2019-06-14
        BTS117TC Smart Low-Side Power Switch 2019-06-14
        IKQ75N120CH3 High speed switching 3 generation IGBT 2019-06-14
        IPA70R600P7S N-Ch Power MOSFET 700V,8.5A,600mΩ 2019-06-14
        IPW60R060P7 N-Ch Power MOSFET 600V,48A,60mΩ 2019-05-16
        IPD50N04S4-08 N-Ch Power MOSFET 40V,50A,7.9mΩ 2019-05-16
        IPA70R360P7S N-Ch Power MOSFET 700V,12.5A,360mΩ 2019-05-16
        IPA60R180P7S N-Ch Enhanc Power MOSFET 600V,18A,180mΩ 2019-05-16
        BFR93AE6327 Low Noise Silicon Bipolar RF Transistor 2019-05-16
        BFQ19SH6327 Low Noise Silicon Bipolar RF Transistor 2019-05-16
        BAT63-02VH6327 Silicon Schottky Diode 2019-05-16
        BCR405UE6327 LED DRIVER 2019-05-16
        BTS611L1E3128A Smart Two Channel High-Side Power Switch 2019-05-16
        BTS50055-1TMB Smart Highside High Current Power Switch 2019-05-16
        BTS436L2G Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-05-16
        IPG20N06S2L-35 N-Ch Power MOSFET 55V,20A,35mΩ 2019-05-16
        BFS17WH6327 NPN Silicon RF Transistor 2019-05-16
        BFS17PE6327 NPN Silicon RF Transistor 2019-05-16
        BFR106E6327 Low Noise Silicon Bipolar RF Transistor 2019-05-16
        BFP640H6327 Low Noise Sic Germanium Bipolar RF Trans 2019-05-16
        BBY57-02VH6327 Silicon Tuning Diode 2019-05-16
        BAT64-02VH6327 Silicon Schottky Diode 2019-05-16
        BAT15-04WH6327 Silicon Schottky Diode 2019-05-16
        BAS40E6327 Silicon Schottky Diode 2019-05-16
        BGA616H6327 Sic Ger Broadband MMIC RF Amplifier 2019-05-16
        BCR421UE6327 LED DRIVER 2019-05-16
        BCR320UE6327 LED DRIVER 2019-05-16
        BTT6030-2EKA Smart Two Channel High-Side Power Switch 2019-05-16
        BTS740S2 Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-05-16
        BTS640S2G Smart Sense High-Side Power Switch 2019-05-16
        BTS4300SGA Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-05-16
        BTS410F2E3062A Smart High-Side Power Switch 2019-05-16
        BTS133TC Smart Low Side Power Switch 2019-05-16
        BTS118D Smart Low Side Power Switch 2019-05-16
        BSC160N15NS5 150V,16mΩ,56A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2019-02-26
        IRF2907ZPBF 75V,4.5mΩ,160A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-11-22
        IRF8707TRPBF 30V,11.9mΩ,11A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-11-22
        BAR64-02ELE6327 150V,100mA,Silicon PIN Diode 2018-11-22
        IRF5305PBF -55V,60mΩ,-31A,P-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-11-01
        IHW30N120R3 1200V,30A,Reverse conducting IGBT 2018-09-21
        IRLML5103TRPBF -30V,600mΩ,-0.76A,P-Ch Power MOSFET 2018-09-21
        IRF5305STRLPBF -55V,60mΩ,-31A,P-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-09-21
        IRFR9120NTRPBF -100V,480mΩ,-6.6A,P-Ch Power MOSFET 2018-09-21
        IRLML2803TRPBF 30V,250mΩ,1.2A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-09-21
        IRFB52N15DPBF 150V,32mΩ,51A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-09-21
        IRLML0030TRPBF 30V,40mΩ,5.3A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-09-21
        IRLR8743TRPBF 30V,3.1mΩ,160A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-09-21
        IRF2807PBF 70V,13,82A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-09-21
        IRFP3206PBF 60V,3mΩ,200A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-08-23
        IRF7303TRPBF 30V,50mΩ,5.3A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-08-23
        IRFB5615PBF 150V,39mΩ,35A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-08-23
        IRLL2705TRPBF 55V,40mΩ,3.8A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-08-23
        IRLZ34NPBF 55V,35mΩ,30A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-08-23
        IRF7316TRPBF -30V,58mΩ,-4.9A,P-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-08-23
        IRLZ44NPBF 55V,22mΩ,47A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-08-23
        IRF7103TRPBF 50V,130mΩ,3A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-08-23
        IRFR5505TRPBF -55V,110mΩ,-18A,P-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-31
        IRFR5305TRLPBF -55V,65mΩ,-31A,P-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-31
        IRF5210PBF -100V,60mΩ,-40A,P-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-31
        IRFR5410TRPBF -100V,205mΩ,-13A,P-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-31
        IRF5210STRLPBF -100V,60mΩ,-38A,P-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-31
        IRFB7537PBF 60V,3.3mΩ,173A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-31
        IRFR5305TRPBF -55V,65mΩ,-31A,P-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-12
        IRF8714TRPBF 30V,8.7mΩ,14A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-12
        IRFP2907PBF 75V,4.5mΩ,209A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-12
        IRF1010EPBF 60V,12mΩ,84A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-12
        IRLL024NTRPBF 55V,65mΩ,3.1A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-12
        IRFZ44NPBF 55V,17.5mΩ,49A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-12
        IRFR3710ZTRPBF 100V,18mΩ,42A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-07-12
        TDA5210 ASK/FSK Single Conversion Receiver 2018-06-25
        IRF7343TRPBF 55V,-55V,4.7A,-3.4A,N/P Ch Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRF640NSTRLPBF 200V,150mΩ,18A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IM513-L6A 3-Phase Motor Driver 2018-06-13
        IM512-L6A 3-Phase Motor Driver 2018-06-13
        IRF7309TRPBF 30V/-30V,4A/3A,N/P-Ch Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRF7416TRPBF -30V,20mΩ,-10A,P-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRLR120NTRPBF 100V,185mΩ,10A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRLR3410TRPBF 100V,105mΩ,17A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRFP150NPBF 100V,36mΩ,42A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRF530NSTRLPBF 100V,90mΩ,17A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRFP4227PBF 200V,25mΩ,65A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRFB4127PBF 200V,20mΩ,76A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRFP4368PBF 75V,1.85mΩ,350A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRFP064NPBF 55V,8mΩ,110A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRFR024NTRPBF 55V,75mΩ,17A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRFP3710PBF 100V,25mΩ,57A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        IRF8736TRPBF 30V,4.8mΩ,18A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-06-13
        ESD230-B1-W0201E6327 5.5V,7pF,0201,Bi-directional ESD/TVS Diode 2018-06-13
        ESD231-B1-W0201E6327 5.5V,3.5pF,0201,Bi-directional ESD/TVS Diode 2018-06-13
        BAR90-02ELSE6327 80V,100mA,Silicon Deep Trench PIN Diodes 2018-06-13
        BAR63-06WH6327 50,100mA,Silicon PIN Diode 2018-06-13
        BAR63-02VH6327 50,100mA,Silicon PIN Diode 2018-06-13
        BAR64-06E6327 150,100mA,Silicon PIN Diode 2018-06-13
        BAR64-04E6327 150,100mA,Silicon PIN Diode 2018-06-13
        BAR63-03WE6327 50,100mA,Silicon PIN Diode 2018-06-13
        ESD101-B1-02ELSE6327 Bi-directional Ultra Low Capacitance ESD/Transient Protection Diode 2018-05-25
        IDFW40E65D1E 650V,120A,Emitter Controlled Diode 2018-04-28
        ESD5V3U2U-03FH6327 2 lines,uni-directiona Ultra-Low Cap ESD Diode Array 2018-04-28
        IPW60R190P6 600V,20.2A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-03-21
        BSP742R 1-channel Smart High-Side Power Switch 2018-03-08
        BTS5180-2EKA 2-Ch,180mΩ,Smart High-Side Power Switch 2018-02-08
        BTS5090-1EJA 1-Ch,90mΩ,Smart High-Side Power Switch 2018-02-08
        BTN8962TA High Current PN Half Bridge 2018-02-08
        BFR92PE6327 15V,45mA,Low Noise Silicon Bipolar RF Transistor 2018-02-08
        2EDN7524F Fast Dual-Channel 5A Gate Driver 2018-02-08
        BTS5030-1EJA 1-Ch,30mΩ,Smart High-Side Power Switch 2018-02-08
        IPA60R380P6 600V,380mΩ,10.6A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-02-08
        BTS5030-2EKA 30mΩ,dual channel Smart High-Side Power Switch 2018-02-08
        BTS5020-2EKA 20mΩ Dual Channel, Smart High-Side Power Switch 2018-02-08
        BGA7H1BN6E6327 Silicon Germanium Low Noise Amp for LTE 2018-02-01
        BSC039N06NS 60V,6.9mΩ,100A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-02-01
        IPW60R041P6 600V,77.5A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2018-02-01
        TLE4207G 1A Dual-Half-Bridge Driver 2017-12-15
        IPW60R070P6 600V,70mΩ,53.5A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2017-12-15
        TLE42744DV50 5V,400mA,Low Drop Fixed Voltage Regulator 2017-12-15
        TLE6250G 1Mbit/s High Speed CAN-Transceiver 2017-12-15
        TLE6250GV33 1Mbit/s High Speed CAN-Transceiver 2017-12-15
        ICE2QR0665 Off-Line SMPS Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller with Integrated 650V CoolMOS? and Startup 2017-11-09
        BSC123N10LSG 100V,12.3mΩ,71A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2017-11-09
        IPD60R460CE 600V,9.1A,N-Channel Power MOSFET 2017-07-19
        BSV236SPH6327 -20V,-1.5A,P Channel Power MOSFET 2017-07-19

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