Is Computer Programming A Good Career Choice?

Is computer programming a good career choice?


In this internet and mobile age, computer programming is among the most popular jobs. As to the questions if programming is a good career choice or not depends on what one aims in life.


The current job market always has a job for a programmer. Since computer programming is popular, many people have somehow gone through some of its basic lessons and training. When they finished, others take it further and do programming for fun if they still do not consider taking the route as a career. They enjoy working on some projects of their own, such as coding computer games, while others want to be part of collaborative projects.


Is programming a good career choice for those who seek financial stability? Anyone who wants to earn good money but does not like to become a doctor, a lawyer or an investment banker can pursue a programming career. A programmer’s working environment is usually casual, fun, and only requires one to sit in front of the computer. Those who love to work alone or independently fit this job, but they should also be good team workers. Several programmers are allowed to work from the comforts of their homes.


Programmers in the United States do make a good living. Those working in Silicon Valley eventually got rich. The only downside of a computer programmer’s work is the fact that it is normal for them to render overtime. However, many big firms and government entities do not demand such.


Here is a good reason why programming can be a good career choice for those who want to get rich. In May 2014, there were almost 329,000 computer programmers, and they earned a median yearly salary of $77,550. They typically have full-time jobs and are mostly employed by firms that write and test software.


The median salary is one of which 50 percent of programmers earned more than that figure while half earned less. The lowest 10 percent of programmers earned less than $44,140 while the highest 10 percent received over $127,640. The following are the median yearly salaries for programmers in May 2014 in the top industries they have worked:


  • Computer systems design and related services – $76,240
  • Manufacturing – $76,910
  • Administrative and support services – $79,780
  • Finance and insurance – $84,260
  • Software publishers – $99,580


If one is fine with such figures, he/she can say that programming is indeed a good career choice. Yet, how does it take to become a good programmer?


Since computer programmers write instructions or “programs” for the computer to execute, they need to possess good skills in analysis, reading comprehension, problem-solving, critical thinking, active listening and attention to detail as well as troubleshooting. Good programmers should also have the ability to work under pressure, beat deadlines, handle multiple tasks and can easily shift priorities. He must be disciplined and has a high degree of accountability of his work.


Is programming a good career choice? Yes, it can be for those who possess the above-mentioned skills and are fine with the salary and working environment.


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